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Born in Seattle, American songwriter Rylie DeGarmo has been living in various parts of the South since 2016. Les Ailes is a music project born of the travels that pushed and held her there. Debut LP "Tennessee" was released in February of 2021, with follow-up EP "But I Love You" out spring of 2022.  contact

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"DeGarmo’s vocals often register as detached but yearning; always front and center spinning a tale of something unrequited and unfulfilled...the record is highly effective at reaching down and really stirring an emotional response of longing."

We Own This Town, Nashville, TN

"Rylie DeGarmo may still be something of a new name on the scene, but with Tennessee she proves herself to be an accomplished and confident songwriter. Combined with superb production by Mike McCarthy and mastered by Heba Kadry, Les Ailes is a force to be reckoned with. A cool, chilled, and thoroughly dreamy listen."

Folk Radio, UK